Transformers Wallpaper 1

Bring the Transformers to your desktop


  • Stylish metallic logo


  • Doesn't transform into anything

Not bad

While all my friends wanted to be doctors, train drivers or footballers, when I was a kid all I dreamed of becoming was a Transformer. Unfortunately now I'm working at Softonic but at least this wallpaper can help me show my allegience to the autobots to my fellow workers.

I've not seen the film yet, but by all accounts Micheal Bay's creation is pretty spectacular. This stylish desktop background pays homage to the movie with a sleek updated logo that will make you look really cool.

Fancy being able to enjoy the wonder of Transformers all day long? This stylish wallpaper will allow you to do so by installing it on your desktop background.



Transformers Wallpaper 1

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